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Ganapatipule - गणपती पुळे
Ganapatipule Temple Entrance Ganapatipule Temple
Ganapatipule Beach Ganapatipule Temple Ganapatipule Temple  Deity [Sanctum Sanctorum] Ganapatipule Temple - An evening view
Ganpatipule is situated along the western coast of Maharashtra 375Km south of Mumbai, along the Konkan coast. A small village, its clean, lovely beaches attract the beach fanatics and the spiritually - inclined alike. Ganpatipule is one of the 'Ashta Ganapatis' (eight Ganpatis) of India and called the 'Paschim Dwar-Dewata' (Western Sentinel God).
The red and pink well maintained, picturesque temple is located right on the silver beach. An aura of silence and tranquility pervade the temple compared to some of the busier and more commercial temples of the country.
According to the local folklore, the Hindu god - Ganapati, taking umbrage by a remark made by a native lady, moved to Pule (a few kilometers ahead of the town) from his original abode of Gule. Thus the region was named Ganapatipule.
A clean and breathtaking clear-water beach is one of the main attractions for tourists, along with the Ganapati temple. The Hindu temple is reconstructed in special Rajasthani style and look, and attracts thousands of devotees from all parts of Maharashtra, other states and foreigners. MTDC resorts also offer bamboo house stay, tents and small boats for rides. Maharashtrian pickles, seafood, coconut and mangoes are some of the gustatory delicacies in this town.
The Ganapatipule is very popular for weekend tourists from in and around Ratnagiri district.

Water Sport facility available (Except during monsoon).
Reaching here
By Air Nearest Airport is Mumbai [Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport]
By Road While moving towards Ratnagiri, on Mumbai Goa National Highway [NH-17], after Sangameshwar a small village placed on this highway is Nivali. From Nivali, one has to take right turn for Ganapatipule. Nivali to Ganapatipule is 32Km. Nivali to Ratnagiri is around 20Km. Nivali to Hatkhamba is around 4Km. From Hatkhamba one has to take right turn for Ratnagiri, which is 16Km from here. Sangameshwar to Nivali is around 25Km. Chiplun Sangameshwar distance is 45Km. From Ganapatipule one can directly approach Ratnagiri without coming to Nivali and going through Hatkhamba. The direct road is fullof turns and little narrow compared to NH-17. But the journey is full of natural beauty and sea view. That distance is around 30Km.
Mumbai-Ganapatipule : 375kms. (via Mahad)
Pune-Ganapatipule : 331kms. (via Satara)
Kolhapur-Ganapatipule :  144kms
By Train There is no train station at Ganapatipule. One has to get down either at Ratnagiri station or at Karbude [on the Konkan Railway]. All the express and local trains stops at Ratnagiri Junction [Station Code : RN], being a city. Karbude is a small village and only "passenger" train will stop.

Ratnagiri - Ganapatipule : 50Kms
By Public Transport Ample number of State Transport buses are available from Ratnagiri bus station. Ganapatipule is also connected with other cities by state transport buses. StateTransport buses ply from Mumbai and Ratnagiri to Ganapatipule. MTDC bus plies between Mumbai & Ganapatipule.(Seasonal)
Beach Resorts MTDC has a beach resort at Ganapatipule. It is a full fledged resort with water sports, and other adventure sporting facilities. MTDC Resort at Ganapatipule
Checkout Time 9.00 a.m
Reservation Contact MTDC Mumbai/Ratnagiri/Goa/Pune/Kolhapur & Ganapatipule.
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