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Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it. Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
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   Ratnagiri district offers the most diverse attractions for the tourists. The district is endowed with many tourist assets. The rising hills of Sahyadri on east and the depths of Arabian sea on the west contribute to the unparallel beauty of Ratnagiri. Ratnagiri is blessed with hills, sea shores, creeks, beautiful rivers, hot water springs, forests and water falls among many others.

Several Places to Visit :
  • Places of worship : Ganapatipule, Velneshwar, Marleshwar, Hedvi, Hatis, Parshuram [Chiplun], Rajapur
  • Caves: Panhalekazi, Sangameshwar
  • Palace: Thibaw Palace [Ratnagiri]
  • Sea Shores: Kelshi, Murud, Guhaghar, Palshet, Ganpatipule, Velneshwar
  • Beaches: Mandovi [Gateway of Ratnagiri], Bhatye, Guhagar, Anjarla, Ganapatipule
  • Birth Places of eminent personalities: Ratnagiri, Malgund, Dapoli, Palgad
  • Forts: Bankot, Mandangad, Ambolgad, Jaigad, Ratnadurg, Mahipatgad
  • Sea Forts: Ratnadurg, Harne, Purnagad, Jaigad
  • Bird Sanctuaries: Vanadi valley, Anaskura Ghat
  • Exotic forests: Pat Panhale, Bavnadi valley
  • Timeless Landscapes: Goval, Hatlot Ghat, Tivare Ghat, Amba
  • Hill and Hill Ranges: Sahyadrian Ranges
  • Rivers: Jagbudi, Vashisti, Kasavi
  • Irrigation Projects: Natuwadi, Nandivali, Kolkewadi
  • Water Falls: Parshuram, Prachitgad, Marleshwar
  • Hot water Spring : Unhavare, Aravali, Tural, Rajapur

Gustatory Delight : While non-vegetarian food is not too easily available around the temple area, one can gorge on rice and fish curry in coconut base [with 'Kokam kadi' - A pink colored digestive drink that promises to neutralise the effects of the spicy treat.] on the outskirts of the village. 

Shopping : Shop artifacts made of seashells. The konkan region blessed with some of the finest horticulture fruits, offers a variety of local preparations like 'ambapoli' [thin pancakes of dried and crushed mangoes], 'phanaspoli' [thin pancakes of dried and crushed jackfruit], cashewnuts, coconuts etc. Summer time is best know for most famous variety of mangoes in the world - the Devgad 'hapus' mango.

 Places to Visit | Plan Your Tour | Religious Places | District Map | Eminent Personalities | Photo Gallery
How to get here
By Air : The nearest Airport is Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai
By Rail  : Ratnagiri is connected to Mumbai in the North & Mangalore in the south  by Konkan Railway.
By Road : Ratnagiri is well connected to Mumbai/Pune/Goa/Kolhapur

Mumbai - Ratnagiri -> 356Kms
Pune - Ratnagiri -> 365Kms
Goa - Ratnagiri -> 240Kms
Kolhapur - Ratnagiri -> 130Kms
Bangalore - Ratnagiri (via Kolhapur)-> 730Kms
From Mumbai, (Ex Panvel) a comfortable car journey to Ganpatipule will take around six to seven hours. One can even travel by bus to Ratnagiri and thereafter hire a cab to drive up to Ganpatipule beach. Journey by road on the Konkan route is an exhilarating experience as the road is in excellent condition and the panoramas are awesome. 
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