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Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it. Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
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» Schemes
Education Facility Details
No. of Balwadis : 893
No. of Primary schools : 2669
No. of Secondary schools : 367
No. of Degree Schools : 13
No. of Students Enrolled in primary schools : 201049
No. of students Enrolled in secondary Schools : 121217
No .of students Enrolled in Degree Schools :
Sex Ratio Between students primary Schools : 51 : 49 (Male : Female )
Sex Ratio Between students in Secondary Schools : 56 : 44 (Male : Female)
Sex Ratio Between Students in Degree Schools : (Male : Femals)

1.Shaley Poshan Ahar
The Government of Maharashtra has started "The Mid Day Meal" scheme. Every student present in the school is given cooked rice as per the rate of 100 gms and totally 2.300 kg/month as per student. 2.Upasthiti Bhatta
This scheme is for the boys & girls below poverty level studying in primary schools for rural areas. This amount is distributed through the Chairman, Village Education Committee. It is assured that the benefit there student was present in the school by checking the students attendance Registers.
3.Free Text Books
Every year textbooks are provided to all girls and only boys belonging to S.C. and S.T. categories studying in standard I to standard VII. These textbooks are made available through "Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan". “Pathya Pustak Mandal, Kolhapur”, supplies these textbooks. The textbooks are then distributed to all the blocks as per their demand in the beginning of the academic year.
4.Distribution of school Uniform
School Uniforms are supplied to the student studying in standard I to std. IV in Z.P primary Schools and belonging to S.C. and S.T. categories as special facility. Following are the rules for the distribution of school Uniform as per the G.R. Education department PRE/2003/17/2003 Date 04-05-2004.
1)The village Education Committee has to distribute the scholl Uniforms.
2)Stitching of the uniforms is to be done by the women group / SHG in the village.
3)For boys White Shirt & Grey Pant and for girls Navy blue Scrut & White blouse.
4)The purchase of cloth & stitching is to be done under the supervision of village Education Committee.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan starting in Ratnagiri Division from 2002-03. In this scheme financial arrangement is detail as below.
1) Central Government 75%
2) State Government 25%
Government of Maharashtra has appointed it's established autonomous body named as Maharashtra Prathmik Shikshan Parishad, Mumbai to implement various programs covered under this scheme. Programs covered under this scheme are listed as below.
1) New Primary School Salary
2) New Upper Primary School Salary
3) Free Text Book
4) Repair & Maintenance
5) TLE (Primary)
6) TLE (Upper Primary)
7) School Grant
8) Teacher Grant
9) Teacher Training (Primary)
10)Teacher Training (Upper Primary)
12)Training of Community Leaders
13)Intervention for Disabled Children
14)Research & Evaluation
15)Management & MIS
16)Innovation Activity
17)Block Resource Centre
18)Cluster Resource Centre
19)Interventions for out of School
21)Civil Works
» Recruitment
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