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Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it. Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
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1. History
2. Activities
3. Advantages
4. Contact Details
5. Various Schemes & Criteria/Eligibility for selection
6. Online Application for Allotment of Land
7. Statistics
    a. Ratnagiri Mirjole Industrial Area
    b. Lote Parshuram Industrial Area
    c. Kherdi Chiplun Industrial Area
    d. Gane Khadpoli Industrial Area
    e. Dapoli Mini Industrial Area
    f. Devrukh (Sadavali) Mini Industrial Area
    g. Dhabol-I Industrial Area
8. Number of Units in District
» History
  After the formation of Maharashtra State on May 1, 1960, the Government of Maharashtra constituted a "Board of Industrial Development" (BID) on October 1, 1960, under the Chairmanship of Shri. S. G. Barve, I.C.S. The various committees recommendations received in the industries department were taken up for implementation and as per the Borkar Committees recommendations, development of Ulhas Valley Water Supply was entrusted to the Board of Industrial Development (BID). 
   The BID framed the legislation and it was introduced before the state legislation and passed in the form of "Maharashtra Industrial Act" which gave birth to MIDC, as a separate corporation on August 1, 1962. The BID were the first personnel strength of MIDC. A small ceremony at Wagle Estate Thane, under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister Shri Y.B. Chavan, marked the birthday of MIDC on August 1, 1962. The Board of Industrial Development during it's existence between October 1, 1960 to August 1, 1962, has done enough spade work to identify the locations for setting up industrial areas in different parts of the state. Thus, right in the first year of establishment MIDC has come up with 14 industrial areas, to initiate action for infrastructure and help entrepreneurs set up the industrial units in those areas.
   The key historical policy decisions taken by MIDC certainly changed the social economic scenario of the state as its activities spread in the interior. The important policy decision of setting up "independent filtered /potable water supply system of adequate capacity" as essential infrastructure for industrial development was the most intelligent step taken by MIDC right in the beginning. It stabilized the population base near the industrial areas. The strategically wise decision taken simultaneously to provide water supply to nearby domestic population from the capabilities created by MIDC of their own water supply system resulted in a phenomenal urban growth in the nearby small towns and villages. The growth of Kalyan complex and Pimpri-Chinchwad are results of this key policy decision taken by MIDC.
»Activities                                                                                                                            TOP
1)Development of Industrial areas by acquiring land.
2)Preparing layout with suitable grouping of plot of various sizes and allotment of plots on leasehold
3)Construction of roads, drainage system and provision of streetlights in the industrial areas.
4) Planning, implementing and managing water supply schemes.
5)Establishing common Facility centers(CFC) by providing accommodations for bank, post office,
   telecom facilities, police station, fire station, medical facilities canteen. etc.
6)Establishment of effluent collection and disposal systems for chemical zones
7)Implementing Government/Semi-Government projects.
8)New industrial venture in small, medium or large scale sector
9)Expansion or diversification of the existing industrial unit
10)Shifting of existing industrial unit
11)Service industry Commercial ventures like industrial warehousing, canteen, petrol pump shop. 
     Health service to support the industrial units
12)Industrial housing wherever separate residential zones are development by MIDC.
   The entrepreneur gets numerous advantages when he takes a plot of land in any of the industrial areas of MIDC.
1)Plot in recognized Industrial Zone with approach road facility.
2)Location in a well laid out industrial neighborhood.
3)Plots of different sizes to meet the requirements of different industries.
4)Reasonable premium rates in the developed areas and subsidized rates in the developing areas with
   a guarantee of clear title.
5)No separate non-agriculture (N.A.) permission of zoning clearance is necessary.
6)Adequate filtered water supply is assured.
7)MIDC industrial area will not be included within the limit of any Municipal Council or Corporation at
   least for 25 Years.
» Contact Details

Regional Office

Head Office

Regional Officer
Mirjole Industrial Area
Near J.K.Files
Ratnagiri - 415 639
Tel: 91-2352-228801/220992
Fax: 91-2352-228811
E-mail: roratnagiri(at)midcindia(dot)org
Jt.Chief Executive OfficerMIDC
Udyog Sarathi, Mahakali Caves Road
Andheri (E)
Mumbai - 400 093.
Tel: 91-022-26871462/26870027/52/54
Fax: 91-022-26870026
E-mail: jtceo(at)midcindia(dot)org
»Various Schemes & Criteria/Eligibility for selection                                                              TOP
High Quality Infrastructure
   M.I.D.C. has allotted plots P-1, P-10 and P-11, admeasuring 29,400 sq m, 22,227 sq m and 20,773 sq m, to M.S.E.B. for a 110/33 KV sub station in the Mirjole block. This sub station is functioning well in spite of a power crisis. Plot.X-53 admeasuring 600 sq m is allotted to M.S.E.B. for a 33/11 KV sub station in the Zadgaon block.
   A 24 MLD Water Supply Scheme has already been commissioned. The present water consumption of the industrial area and other consumers is 7 MLD. Recently MIDC has increased the supply capacity of raw water from river Kajali; hence no water shortages are expected in the future.
Residential Facilities
  In response to the main demand of entrepreneurs and workers from the factories, MIDC has developed a residential zone at Zadgaon block as well as at Mirjole block.
Support Facilities Telecommunication Facility / Connectivity
   MIDC has allotted plots for a telephone exchange. It is functioning well.
Post Office
   MIDC has allotted plots for a Post Office. It is functioning well.

For detail information please Log on M.I.D.C.’s Website www.midcindia.org
»Online application for allotment of land
As a part of e-Governance project, MIDC has launched an online application for hassle free customer service. All the existing valued customers and prospective customers of MIDC are requested to please make use of this online application form. The auto generated number may not be treated as valid till the official launch of this application. MIDC is pleased to entertain the application submitted online through this "Online Application Form".
Instructions to be followed by the applicant before filling the Online application form
1. The applicant will fill the online application form for the requirement of Plot/Built-up Shed/Built-up Gala. Before filling the online application form the applicant has to check whether vacant plot is available for allotment in that particular industrial area from the vacant plot list.
2. After filling the online application, submit the application by clicking on the “Submit Application” button, the applicant will get a Unique Token Number for future references as well as maintaining / verifying his seniority.
3. The applicant will print this form and submit this printed form to the respective Regional Office along with all required documents complete in all respect and process fee within 10 days (inclusive of holidays) to maintain his seniority.
4. If the applicant fails to submit the required documents within this period, he/she will lose his seniority and his/her seniority will start from the date of submission of documents.
5. Please click here to learn more about MIDC's plot allotment procedure in Industrial Areas.

Please click here for "Online application for allotment of land"

   EHV Sub-station: In the event the power requirement of the Licensee/Lessee is more than 5 MVA, the Licensee/Lessee shall provide space within the demised premises of an area having a minimum size of 80 x 100 mtrs and shall at its own costs construct the EHV-132/220 KV sub-station and for that purpose the Licensee/Lessee shall plan the land requirement considering the land requirement of EHV sub-station.
Required Documents
   Along with the duly filled On line application form, you need to submit: 
  • Project report or project profile. The project report/profile should cover the following points
     a)Brief details of the product to be manufactured. If of Chemical nature, detail 
           manufacturing process with flow chart and block diagram in respect of utilization of land.
       b)Requirement of the area.
       c)Proposed built up area for the factory, godown, open storage
          for raw material, if any.
       d)Future expansion, if any, and construction details for the same on the above lines.
       e)Water requirement for manufacturing / processing and domestic use.
       f)Quantity of effluent discharged in case of chemical unit (processing and domestic
       g)Investment in land, plant and machinery.
  • Sketch plan of proposed construction on the plot.
  • Demand draft towards processing fee.

    *For R.O. Thane and R.O. Mhape, demand draft should be drawn in favour of "CEO, MIDC"
    *For all other regional offices, the demand draft should be drawn in favour of "The Regional
     Officer, MIDC" payable at the location of the Regional office.
                                                                                                                        NEXT PAGE »
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